September 17-18, 1960 - Dave MacDonald enters the innagural races at Hanford's Marchbanks road course

The races were run with the production and modified classes combined. MacDonald tearing through the Marchbanks
course in the Saturday 9/17 race

MacDonald tearing through the Marchbanks road course in his 1957 Vette

In this Saturday 9/17 race Dave finished 1st in the production class and 4th overall. Jack Graham driving a Ferrari
250 TR was overall race winner. Photo Bob Tronolone

Jack Graham in Ferrari 250 was overall race winner and dave MacDonald in corvette was b-production winner

This is the Sunday 9/18 feature race at Marchbanks and this photo shows Dave MacDonald chasing Porsches driven
by Scooter Patrick (#38) & Steve Herrick. Photo Ray Borders

Dave MacDonald chasing Porsches of Scooter Patrick & Steve Herrick at Hanford CA marchbanks

Herrick was Sunday's race winner and Dave MacDonald again finished 1st in B-Producrion and 4th OA

Pit pass for the innagural Hanford races in Sep 1960