July 15, 1962 - Dave MacDonald takes his '62 Corvette to Oakland California.

dave macdonald in 00 Corvette at oakland raceway

Red Faris leads Joe Freitas and Paul Reinhart through a turn at Oakland. Dave MacDonald had purchased a Bruce's recap tire
from friend Red Faris for this race and it blew out out early. He was in the pits here and lost a lap to his Corvette friends who
continued to race through the Oakland course. Photo credit unknown

dave macdonald in 00 Corvette at stockton raceway

Only photo of Dave MacDonald in this race. Dave and best friend Joe Frietas (77) going at it after Dave came back out from
the pits. He lost a lap replacing the tire but fought back through the field to finish 3rd

News articles recapping the 7/15/62 race at Oakland California.

Dave Corvette was the fastest through the traps (136.2mph) but the blown tires did him in.

Letter from Red Faris (in Vietnam) to Dave MacDonald. Red apologizing that the Bruce's recaps he sold him blew out.

dave macdonald at oakland raceway