Oct 2013 - Photos of Dave MacDonald's family members at Bob Bondurant's 80th Birthday Celebration in Arizona. It was a
magnificent 3-day event held at Bob's racetrack and the adjacent Wild Horse track. Friday night Pat & Bob invited a few
friends over to their spectacular estate in Scottsdale. Below is Bob and Dave MacDonald's wife Sherry.

L-R Dave MacDonald's son Rich, granddaughter Kirra, wife Sherry MacDonald - and Pat & Bob Bondurant

Everyone enjoyed the Bondurant's hospitality as the evenings festivities were professionally catered. L-R Bill Thomas III
(Bill's father Bill created the legendary Cheetah race car), 1960's racer and Cheetah owner Fred Yeakel, Bob Bondurant and
Dave MacDonald's son Rich

Sherry MacDonald with Cobra Club President Randy Richardson. Randy was the emcee for the 3-day event and as usual did
a remarkable job. This man is comfortable behind a microphone!

Sherry and Kirra out by the pool

Being the youngest at the party, Kirra was happy to meet Bondurant employee Marissa and spent much of the night with her.

Rich and Lisa next to Fred Yeakel's original Cheetah race car. To the right is Peter Brock's Daytona Coupe

Lisa, Kirra and Sherry MacDonald

L-R Lisa MacDonald, Pat Bondurant, Bob Bondurant, Kirra MacDonald and Sherry MacDonald

Dave MacDonald's brother Doug (L) and son Rich with Dave's old Corvette helmet

Shelby King Cobra CM/1/63 owners Bill & Evelyn Hartman brought this historic beauty to Bob's event.

Legendary racer John Morton with Superformance Daytona Coupe owner Karen Salvaggio - who's also an amazing racer!

Dave MacDonald's granddaughter Kirra snuggles with Gayle & Peter Brock's dog Kit

Legendary wheelman John Morton poses with the Dave MacDonald family in front of the BRE tent. L-R Rich, Kirra, Sherry
and to far right is Doug.

Dave's grandaughter Kirra MacDonald behind the wheel of Doug MacDonald's Grand Sport replica

Rich & Lisa jump in Doug's car for a quick photo

Kirra in Ling Cobra CM/1/63

Scott Davis gives Dave MacDonald's granddaughter Kirra a ride in the first Corvette her grandfather owned. A 1955 beauty!

Lisa MacDonald (L) and Kirra MacDonald set for a spin in Dave MacDonald's first Corvette. The car is beautifully restored

Race cars head to the track for the afternoon parade lap

Sherry MacDonald with Shelby King Cobra CM/1/63 car owner Bill Hartman on their way to the track. This is the King
Cobra that Dave MacDonald drove to victory in the two biggest and richest road races in America - The LA Times Grand
Prix and the Monterey Pacific Grand Prix. Doug MacDonald's beautiful #00 Corvette Grand Sport is behind them and to
the left is Dave MacDonald's 1955 gypsy red Corvette - his first of 16 Corvettes he would own.

Rich & Lisa take to the track in Butch Englebrect's orignial Cobra Roadster - CSX2297

Bob & Pat Bondurant holding court

Lisa MacDonald (Rich's wife) Bill Hartman, Sherry MacDonald and Kirra MacDonald pose by Shelby king Cobra CM/1/63

King Cobra CM/1/63 owners Evelyn & Bill Hartman with Sherry MacDonald (R). Owen Gibson in his Townsend to the right

L-R Lisa MacDonald, Bill Hartman, Sherry MacDonald and Kirra MacDonald

L-R Bill Hartman wirh Sherry and Rich

Rich brings Butch Englebrect's Cobra Roadster CSX2297 to the grid

Owen Gibson finds his Townsend surrounded by Shelby Cobras

Event emcee Randy Richardson (R) goes from car to car and lets the owners talk about its history. Sherry in Bill's King Cobra

Bob & Pat Bondurant and their Ford GT40

Butch Englebrect's Cobra CSX2297

Fred Yeakel's original Bill Thomas Cheetah

L-R Allen Grant (yellow shirt), Bob Bondurant, Pat Bondurant, Fred Yeakel, Bill Thomas III & Randy Richardson

L-R Owen Gibson (owner of the two Townsend cars), Pete Voevodsky (Townsend driver in the 60's) & Randy Richardson

Lisa MacDonald and Kirra MacDonald

Lias and Kirra keeping Sherry cool in the Arizona heat

Pat and Bob with their Superformance Cobra Roadster

Rich addresses the crowd and wishes Bob Bondurant a happy birthday

Dave MacDonald's son Rich and his wife Lisa get ready for the parade lap in Butch Englebrect's Cobra CSX2297

Dave MacDonald's granddaughter Kirra joins Scott Davis on the parade lap. This is Dave & Sherry's first Corvette.

King Cobra owner Bill Hartman takes Sherry MacDonald on the parade lap. Sherry loved being in the King Cobra again

For some the parade lap turned in to a full blown speed fest. Rich out after Pat & Bob Bondurant's Superformance Cobra

Legendary racer John Morton leads the pack thru the esses in Karen Salvaggio's Factory Five Cobra Daytona Coupe

John Morton handles a Wild Horse turn with ease in Karen Salvaggio's FF5 Cobra Daytona Coupe

The banquet dinner celebrating Bob Bondurant's 80th birthday was held at the local casino and was packed

The MacDonald table. Sherry MacDonald (turquoise). Around the table from Sherry's left is Bill & Evelyn Hartman (King
Cobra CM/1/63 owners), Doug MacDonald and girlfriend Sherry, Marilyn & Scott Davis (owners of Dave MacDonald's 1955
Corvette), Dave's granddaughter Kirra and daughter-in-law Lisa (Rich's wife).

Dave's granddaughter Kirra and wife Sherry

Dave MacDonald's son Rich with Bob Stockwell and Dave's brother Doug

The lovely Sylvia Wilkinson (John Morton's significant other) and Sherry MacDonald

Sherry MacDonald, Bob & Pat Bondurant and Rich

Sunday's panel discussion included several interesting stories from the likes of (L-R) Michael Shoen, Don Roberts, Sherry
MacDonald & JL Henderson. Standing is talented host, and Shelby American Auto Club's L.A. president Randy Richardson

Also on the panel were L-R legends John Morton, Bob Bondurant, Allen Grant, Peter Brock and Carroll Shelby's secretary
Dianna Day. It was a well received event and the 90 minute session went by far too fast.

Peter Brock ended the discussion by telling the crowd the CSX2287 - the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe that he designed (and
Dave MacDonald drove to its first-ever victory at the 1964 12hrs of Sebring) - has been selected to be the first car recognized
in the Historic Vehicle Association's newly created National Historic Vehicle Register. The Register will be archived
within the Library of Congress.

On Sunday Doug MacDonald's Corvette Grand Sport replica won the Bob Bondurant award! Doug celebrates with the gang
and brings a great weekend to a close. L-R Peter Brock, Allen Grant, event promoter Oz Marlen, Bob, Doug, Pat Bondurant