The Wood family graciously invited Sherry & Rich to join them for race festivities at the 2013 Daytona 500. Photo Wood Brothers

Eddie Wood greets Sherry and Rich in the garage area

L-R Jordan Wood, Rich, Eddie Wood, Sherry, Len Wood check out the famed Wood Bros #21 Ford in the garage.

Edsel Ford's wife Cynthia behind the wheel of the #21 Ford.

Bernece & Glen greet Sherry & Rich. It had been 50 yrs since the four had last seen one another. Dave MacDonald drove the famed
Wood Brothers #21 Ford in the Golden State 400 at Riverside International Raceway in California. Dave and teammate Marvin Panch
(driving the #121 car) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively behind race winner Darel Dieringer. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Sherry and Glen. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Bernece and Rich. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Bernece & Glen Wood pose for a photo with Dave MacDonald's wife Sherry. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

L-R Rich, Bernece, Sherry, Glen and Chris Lund (son of legendary NASCAR racer Tiny Lund).

Sherry in a great photo with the Wood ladies.

Sherry and King Richard Petty pose for a photo in the garage area.

Sherry and Rich spent time talking with the very personalbe Cary (R) and Josh Agajanian. Cary said his father, legendary JC Agajanian,
had always spoken very highly of Dave

Richard Petty joins the Wood family for a photo of NASCAR royalty! Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

The Wood Brothers Racing team won the 1963 Daytona 500 with driver Tiny Lund behind the wheel. The Wood family has built a
stunning replica of the '63 #21 Ford and it was on display in the Daytona 500 fanzone area. L-R is Len, Leonard, Glen and Eddie in
a Daytona Speed Week photo op with the 1963 & 2013 #21 Ford!

Sherry MacDonald with Jordan, Eddie & Len Wood behind the 1963 #21 Ford while Rich gets in front for a photo

Rich and Chris Lund standing near the replica of the iconic '63 NASCAR stocker both their fathers drove in 1963.

Rich getting a feel for how it was when his father drove the #21 Ford in 1963

Rich - above and below - strikes a pose mimicking his father at points during the 1963 Golden State 400.

Dave MacDonald in the famed #21 Ford during the 1963 Golden State 400 at Riverside. Dave finished 2nd behind Darel Dieringer

AJ Foyt drops by the Wood Brothers hauler. L-R Eddie Wood, AJ, Leonard Wood and Len Wood. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers

One hour before the big race Sherry and Rich head over to the track

Sherry and Rich in front of the new Gen 6 Wood Bros Ford.

Wood team member Chip Ross poses stops for a photo while taking Sherry and Rich on a tour of the famed speedway

Sherry, Rich and Chip in front of the #21 car. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Sherry turns the table on talented photographer John Moore and gets a quick photo with him

Sherry and Rich in front of Danica Patrick's GoDaddy car.

Clay Cook from the Zack Brown Band walking off stage after singing the National Anthem

Actually standing on this iconic raceway was a thrill for Dave's son Rich.

Sherry and Rich meet up with Leonard Wood in front of the team's pit area. Leonard, having just been inducted in to the NASCAR
Hall of Fame was very busy that day accommodating the numerous media requests. Leonard joined brother Glen who was inducted
in to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2012. Respect!

Sherry and Rich greet Glen as he arrives in the pits. Race starts in 30 minutes

Glen and Sherry discuss the many changes at the speedway since she was here in 1964. Dave finished 10th in the 1964 Daytona 500.

Sherry MacDonald and Chip Ross in the Wood Brothers pits

Rich benefits from the gracious hospitality provided by the Wood family

2013 Daytona 500 goes green!

Driver Trevor Bayne flat out in the early going. Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Legendary pitman Leonard Wood waits for the #21 Ford to come in for a stop.

Legendary Wood Brothers Racing Team in action! Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Photo courtesy Wood Brothers Racing

Rich in the pits waiting to help the team on the next stop if needed!

Trevor Bayne was caught in a multi car crash that damaged the left side of the Gen 6 car and also smashed the left front fender. The
crew tore off the fender and feverishly riveted a new one on. Amazing how quickly the crew worked.

After a long day Bernece Wood and Sherry MacDonald say their goodbyes in the Wood Bros hauler.

Sherry and Rich's hotel in Ormond Beach (right)

Nice ocean view from their room

You can't come to Daytona Beach and not cruise along the beach in your car