Letter from Cotati Raceways manager Bill Vernor confirming that Shelby American is sending a Cobra and driver Dave MacDonald
to the May 11-12 1963 races.

Dave MacDonald books a flight to San Francisco as he indeed will run Shelby American's Cobra CSX2128 at Cotati Raceways.

Cotati Raceway - Dave MacDonald and Shelby Cobra CSX2128 in Cobra's Northern California debut. Rev's Digital Library ph

Rev's Digital Library ph

Rev's Digital Library ph

Rev's Digital Library ph Dave MacDonald (R) in the pits preparing for Saturday's race

Ph Revs Digital Library

A strong Corvette contingent locked & loaded for the Shelby's lone Cobra and ace pilot Dave MacDonald. Ph Revs Library

Dave MacDonald off to a slow start in Saturday's race but begins to move through the field. Here he is stalking Paul Reinhart's Ray.

Dave MacDonald passes Reinhart and heads out after race leader Dick Guldstrand. Rev's Digital Library ph

A full house at Cotati watches MacDonald rumble the beefy Cobra through the course. Rev's Digital Library ph

Dave MacDonald has his Cobra on the bumper of good friend and early leader Dick Guldstrand's Corvette Roadster

Dave MacDonald blows by Guldstrand is all alone out front in his Cobra Roadster. Rev's Digital Library ph

Corvette ace Bill Sherwood running all out but pushes a little to hard trying to catch the leader MacDonald. Bill would get squared
and back in the right direction but not before losing a few positions. Rev's Digital Library ph

Rev's Digital Library ph

Midpoint in the race and Paul Reinhart running a brilliant race has his Corvette Sting Ray in 2nd behind Dave MacDonald

Dick Guldstrand running 3rd behind MacDonald & Reinhart but ahead of the rest of the tightly grouped pack.

Dick Guldstrand behind Dave MacDonald & Reinhart at Cotati in 1963

Merle Brennen's Jaguar XKE was running strong and in the top ten late in the race but gets a little wild here

Dave MacDonald shown here leading competitors in all divisions before going on to take the win on Saturday.

Dave MacDonald is victorious in the Cobra at Cotati Raceway in 1963

Dave MacDonald finishing strong and blasting down Cotati's back straight on the final lap. Rev's Digital Library ph

After taking the checker in Saturday's race Dave MacDonald enjoys well earned refreshments

Another photo after Saturday's win shows a happy Dave MacDonald. Red Faris's Corvette Stingray is in the background

Dave MacDonald and Red Faris at Cotati Raceway in 1963

Sunday morning and Dave MacDonald's Cobra ready to battle the Corvette heavy field again after scoring victory in Saturday race.
Below: Dave and the crew working on the Cobra Roadster before the Saturday race. Dave was also an brilliant mechanic.

Before Sunday's race Cobra driver Dave MacDonald jokes to Laguna Seca race queen Sharon Brace that he'll see her in the winners
circle again after this race. Photo Norton Pearl, courtesy MotorBinder by Roy Spencer.

Dave MacDonald with race queen Sharon Brace after win at Cotati 1963

Sunday's feature race goes green and Dave MacDonald has his Cobra streaking away from the grid in 4th place. Just out of view are
Stingrays of Paul Reinhart, Dick Guldstrand & Bill Sherwood. Corvette star Red Faris behind Dave and Don Meline is in #418.

Dave MacDonald rumbles his Shelby Cobra past Sherwood & Guldstrand and sets his sights on leader Paul Reinhart. (Photo?)

But legendary Corvette wheelman Dick Guldstrand fights back and pulls his Corvette roadster back even with Dave MacDonald's
Cobra as they power through a sweeping Cotati turn (photo?)

Dave MacDonald pulls away from Dick Guldstrand and is now stalking Paul Reinhart for the lead. (photo?)

MacDonald blows his mighty Cobra roadster past Reinhart's Stingray for the lead on lap 7. (photo?)

Merle Brennan have a better day today is running strong and in the top 5 with just a few laps remaining.

A repeat of Saturday's performance Dave MacDonald started slow but had his mighty Cobra Roadster all alone out front at the end.

Dave MacDonald would win going away as he thunders across the finish line 48 seconds ahead of 2nd place Paul Reinhart. Dick
Guldstrand was the only other driver on the lead lap and he brought his Stingray roadster in 1 min 18 secs behind MacDonald. (Photo?)

Dave MacDonald pulls into victory circle after a hard fought victory here at Cotati.

Dave MacDonald in victory lap in Shelby Cobra at Cotati 1963

As promised race winner Dave MacDonald and trophy queen Sharon Brace meet in the winners circle again. Dave was two for two
this weekend at Cotati running his factory Shelby cobra to victory. Photo courtesy Bill Hewitt and Charles Hamiliton.

Dave MacDonald with trophy queen Sharon Brace at Cotati

Dave MacDonald's personal trophy queen - wife Sherry - did not make this Cotati trip so Dave offered to take 2nd place finisher Paul
Reinhart's wife Wanda on the victory lap. Dave's victory laps were usually flat out with the flag bent back and here he pulls onto the
track with his foot to the floor! (Dick Guldstrand in his #56 Corvette Stingray was 3rd place finisher). Photo Albert Bochroch

Dave MacDonald in victory lap in Shelby Cobra at Cotati 1963

Dave MacDonald and Bill Sherwood in a light moment after the weekend races at Cotati. Photo Ben Nishi

Dave MacDonald and Bill Sherwood at Cotati1963

Newspaper & magazine articles recapping the May 11-12, 1963 weekend races at Cotati Raceway

Dave MacDonald

Cotati race results for Sunday May 13th 1963. MacDonald recorded the fastest speed through the trap as well as the fastest lap

Cotati race results in 1963

Trophy Dave MacDonald won at Cotati on 5/12/63

Dave MacDonald is victorious in the Cobra at Cotati Raceway in 1963

The mighty Cobra Roadster knocked Ferrari off its perch and wound up winning the 1963 USRRC Championship! Photo Pete Brock

Dave MacDonald wins trophy at cotati 1963

2011 Shelby Hauler with Dave's image on the side. Hauler travels the country transporting various Shelby vehicles to auto shows

The MacDonald family at the Pomona Fairgrounds for the Shelby-Ford-Cobra 50yr Anniversary Reunion in 2012