March 30-31 1963 Tucson Arizona - Dave MacDonald pilots Shelby Cobra Roadster CSX2002 in the weekend races at Tucson.
CSX2002 is Carroll's first Cobra race car. TUCSON BACKGROUND - This Cobra ran the 12 hr of Sebring race on March 23rd
and got pretty beat up, finishing the race on just 7 cylinders. As Shelby packed up the Cobras for LA he diverted one car, CSX2002,
and one driver, Dave MacDonald to Tucson. Apparently the lure of 9 Corvettes & Stingrays in the Tucson field was too much for
Shelby to pass up. Below: Dave MacDonald blasting through the desert course past the Tucson Tower.

Bill Sherwood in his Corvette Stingray led Dave early in Sunday's main event but Dave would pass Sherwood and go on to score
victory. Doug Hooper finished 2nd in a Corvette and Sherwood 3rd in a Stingray. Dave MacDonald drove CSX2002 to wins both
Saturday and Sunday, these were the first-ever wins for Carroll Shelby's legendary first Cobra race car - CSX2002

News articles recapping the weekend races Iin Tucson Arizona March 1963

Dave MacDonald racing the Shelby Cobra at Tucson 1963

Trophy Dave won at Tuscon on March 30,31, 1963

Dave MacDonald racing the Shelby Cobra CSX2002 at Tucson

Dave MacDonald racing the Shelby Cobra at Tucson 1963

Here is Shelby Cobra CSX2002 at the 2012 Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca Raceway

And here is Shelby Cobra CSX2002 residing comfortably at its home - Miller Motrosports Park in Utah.

The mighty Cobra Roadster knocked Ferrari off its perch and wound up winning the 1963 USRRC Championship! Photo Pete Brock

Dave MacDonald races the Carroll Shelby Cobra 260ci to its first ever win at Riverside International Raceway

2011 Shelby Hauler with Dave's image on the side. Hauler travels the country transporting various Shelby vehicles to auto shows

The MacDonald family at the Pomona Fairgrounds for the Shelby-Ford-Cobra 50yr Anniversary Reunion in 2012