This Corvette is said to be Dave MacDonald's old '57 racer he ran in 1960-61. The following description is from a 2014 sales
ad on Bruce Canepa's car collector website. "Joe Freitas purchased this Corvette from Dave MacDonald and wanted to continue
to campaign the car, but after years of being subjected to MacDonald's aggressive driving technique it was in need of serious
reconditioning. So Joe purchased a straight, original 1957 donor car, and proceeded to swap all of the racecar's parts over to
the new chassis. When he was complete Joe moved over the VIN plate to the rebuilt car and returned the Corvette to racing.
Joe would successfully campaign the car through 1965. After that Joe and the car go underground until 1990 when historic
racing brought the two of them back into the sport. With the help of his old mechanic, Jack Bayer, who built the original
motor, and his original sponsor, Bill Bader, the car was restored to its original racing condition. Joe would campaign the car
from 1999-2002 at many historic races. In the fall of 2002 Joe would finally let go of his Corvette to new owner, James Castle.
Castle could be seen racing the car in multiple historic events over the years, and most recently in the 2013 Rolex Monterey
Motorsport Reunion where it qualified 7th". (I will say that the listing description has a few issues)

A little vintage racing in Laguna Seca

Photo courtesy Bob Dunsmore

Below is Dave's son Richie in the real'57 at Pomona.

Hanford 1960.

Santa Barbara in 1960. Photo Allen Kuhn

Also at Santa Barbara in 1960. Photo Lester Nehamkin

And another Santa Barbara in 1960

Vaca Valley in 1960

Back at Pomona in 1960

Riverside in 1961. Photo

This photo is during practice for the May 10, 1964 USRRC Championships at Kent. You see Dave MacDonald in King Cobra
CM/3/63 and Joe in Dave's old 1957 Corvette. Dave won this race after a hard fought battle against Jim Hall and his high flying
Chaparral. Dave would die three weeks later in the Indianapolis 500. Fitting that good friend Joe Freitas would get to run with
Dave a final time. Photo Dave Friedman