Dave holds Richie while sitting with his father and grandfather

Sherry joins in and poses with Dave, Richie, and Dave's grandparents for a photo

Dave, Sherry and little Richie at Christmas time in 1957

1958 - Dave and young son Richie with Dave's many Corvette drag racing trophies.

Again at the beach in the summer of 58

Photos of racer Dave MacDonald and his kids

Dave and Richie enjoying one of their favorite dishes ...chocolate ice cream.

Photos of racer Dave MacDonald and his kids

Richie and daddy having a bit of fun at home in El Monte California

Photos of racer Dave MacDonald and his kids

Dave helping Richie hold new baby sister Vicki!

Sherry and Dave MacDonald's 1958 Chevy, with little Richie in front.

1959 - Dave & Sherry's '57 Chevy Nomad. Dave used used the Nomad to tow his race cars. (Richie)

Richie in Dave's 1957 Corvette race car at Pomona 1960

Richie in Dave's 1957 Corvette race car at Santa Barbara 1960

Dave in the backyard pool with Vickie & Richie in 1963

Dave's son Richie hangs out in Shelby King Cobra CM/1/63 after his daddy won the 1963 LA Times Grand Prix

Late 1963 - Richie with a new camera.

Photos of racer Dave MacDonald and his kids

Richie stops his bike ride to say hi to daddy working on the '63 SWC

February 1964. Dave MacDonald with daughter Vicki (front) & second cousin Vanessa. Dave's '63 Stingray in the garage.

Vicki helps daddy work on the Thunderbird in 1964

April 1964 - At Phoenix FIA Open. Dave MacDonald (2nd from right) and the entire family in the pits as Dave and crew work
to install a brand new engine in the King Cobra Lang Cooper CM/1/64.

April '64 - Same race, just minutes before the start. Richie is to the far right supervising. Dave was race winner! First win for
the Shelby King Cobra Lang Cooper CM/1/64.

March 1964 - Dave's son Richie jumps in the family pool with his dad's 1963 Stingray by the garage.

Dave, Sherry, Rich & Vicki at home with family members - Dave's grandmother and grandfather bookend this Easter photo. In
the background is Dave's 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible factory loaner. Ford generously provided the car to Dave after
signing a NASCAR contract with factory member Bill Stroppe. But it was also Ford's latest "nudge" to get Dave to finally sell
off his 1963 split-window Stingray. With two factory loaner Fords now in the driveway they saw no reason for their works
driver to own a Chevrolet. Dave got the message and reluctantly sold the Stingray in March of '64.