This is the Cadillac Dave MacDonald owned in late 1954 & early 1955.

Dave MacDonald and 1953 Caddy

It was his pride and joy and he kept it in pristine condition.

Dave MacDonald in front of his Caddy - looks like a scene from Grease!

Dave MacDonald kept the Cadillac until he bought his first Corvette - this 1955 beauty.

He actually kept both cars for a spell before ultimately selling the Caddy.

Dave MacDonald definitely had style.

Race car driver Dave MacDonald with his 1953 Cadillac and 1955 Corvette

Dave MacDonald raced his 55 Vette at local drags winning dozens of trophies and setting numerous strip records.

Below: Dave MacDonald and wife Sherry later had the 55 Corvette painted green.

Interesting that long before Dave began racing Cobras for Shelby, he had snakes painted on the hood of his 55 Vette

This is how the car looked when Dave & Sherry sold it in 1957

This is Dave's 55 Vette today, fully restored to its original beauty by current owners Scott & Marilyn Davis.

It's rated 98% original and currently (8/10) on display at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky

Signage placed in front of the car while at the museum

March 2010 Dave's son Rich (left) met Scott & Marilyn at the 2010 Legends of Riverside event where Dave was honored.

Dave takes one of his '57 Vettes to the Riverside drags. Dave with wife Sherry and Sherry's brother Jim (R)

Late 1957, while Dave worked for McDonald & O'Boyle Chevrolet, he & Sherry bought this new 1958 Chevy Impala

Dave & son Richie at the beach in Dave's 58 Vette, this Vette was yellow.

Racer Dave MacDonald with son richie and corvette 1958

Drag racing trophies began to add up as Dave rarely lost.

Dave racked up strip records all over the western United States and had his '58 Vette declared "Fastest in the West"

Sherry and Dave MacDonald's 1958 Chevy, with little Richie in front.

In 1959 Dave bought a '57 Chevy Nomad and for years used it to tow his race cars. (Richie)

The Nomad and the '57 Corvette go racing at Pomona in March 1960. Sherry and the kids are in the Nomad.

The insanely fast '61 custom "Corvette Special" Dave built with Max Balchowsky & Jim Simpson. The car is also referred
to as Old Yeller V. The body is a custom poured 1/16" fiberglass shell made from a mold of a stock '61 Corvette. Max
Balchowsky then built the custom tube frame chassis

Notice the custom taillights on Dave's Corvette Special. '61 Corvettes had two lights on each side but Dave felt it needed
a little something extra, so he added one. Sweet! He'd later do the same thing to his personal 1963 split-window Stingray.

Dave MacDonald and Jim Simpson in the Corvette Special

Dave MacDonald waiting for Sherry near their Cherry Red 1963 Split-Window Stingray

Sherry looking glamorous as she and Dave leave for dinner. Dave bought this coat for Sherry in 1963 and she still has it in
her closet today!

January '64. Dave's '63 Stingray in the garage. Notice the car is now fitted with a custom taillight assembly, three on each
side. Dave thought the back of a '63 Ray looked plain with only four taillights, so he added one to each side. Dave, rockin
a flat top, takes daughter Vicki (front) and second cousin Vanessa for a ride around the 1/2 acre property.

Below: On a day off you'd usually find Dave under the hood of one of his Vettes. Richie on his bike in lower right

January '64 - Dave & Sherry at home with a sparkling new 1964 Thunderbird. Included in the race purse for winning the
'63 LA Times Grand Prix was a new '64 Pontiac Grand Prix. Dave instead took the cash value of the car and put it towards
the overall pool to be shared by the team. Ford then graciously provided him with a new Thunderbird factory loaner.

one of the personal Cars of Racer Dave MacDonald

Dave & Sherry MacDonald at home with family members - Dave's grandmother and grandfather bookend this photo. In
the background is Dave's 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible factory loaner. Ford generously provided the car to Dave
after signing a NASCAR contract with factory member Bill Stroppe. But it was also Ford's latest "nudge" to get Dave to
finally sell off his 1963 split-window Stingray. With two factory loaner Fords now in the driveway they saw no reason for
their works driver to own a Chevrolet. Dave got the message and reluctantly sold the Stingray in March of '64.

March 1964 - Dave's son Richie jumps in the family pool with his dad's - about to be sold - 1963 Stingray by the garage.
Dave and the family had moved to the back house in early 1964 when this photo was taken. With two brand new factory
loaners in the driveway, courtesy of FoMoCo, the Ray would be sold that month.

Photos of racer Dave MacDonald and his kids

Here is the original invoice for that 1963 split-window Stingray

Window sticker that was on the Mercury Park Lane convertible when Dave & Sherry picked it up at a Downey California
Ford dealership. Interesting that the dealers name was "Sachs & Sons" - no relation to Eddie Sachs though.

After Dave's death at Indy, Ford MoCo & Carroll Shelby graciously gifted the '64 factory loaner Thunderbird to Sherry