Here is one of Dave's paychecks from Shelby American Inc - how things have changed!

Below: As a result of stunning back to back wins in the LA Times Grand Prix and the Pacific Grand Prix in 1963, Dave MacDonald
received the prestigious Helms "Athlete Of The Month" award for Oct 1963. The Helms Foundation created the award in 1936 and
Dave was only the ninth race driver to recieve the honor ... and the first to receive it during the football season. (Picture of medallion is
in the Trophy & Awards section).

Dave receiving the Helms "Athlete of the Month" medallion with Carroll Shelby to his right

Dave MacDonald had a cameo appearance in the 1964 movie "The Lively Set". The movie starred James Darren, Pamala Tiffen and
Doug McClure. The movie was still in production when Dave was killed in the Indianoplis 500. Universal had already filmed several
closeup scenes with Dave, as well as a significant amount of racing scenes prior to his death. Universal thought it would be in poor
taste to keep the scenes in the movie so they pulled all but one scene where Dave & James Darren briefly interact in the garage area.
Racing footage of Dave driving the Casey Owens (Darren's character) car was reshot using Chrysler's turbine car builder/mechanic
George Stecher. Dave's family receives residual checks every time the movie airs.

May 24th 1964, NASCAR legend Glenn Fireball Roberts was seriously burned in a fiery crash at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Sherry
MacDonald sat down to write Glenn and wish him well in his recovery. Dave & Sherry's children, Richie 6 and Vicki 5, wanted to
write to their friend as well so Sherry helped the kids with their letters but didn't have time for her own that day. Dave MacDonald,
who was at Indianapolis preparing for the Indy 500 on May 30th, wanted to see Richie & Vicki's letters before they were mailed and
asked Sherry to bring them with her when she came to Indy. Sherry did bring the letters but Dave never got to see them before the race.
A month after Dave's death Sherry sat down to finish her letter to Glenn who was back in the hospital. Three days later however Glenn
Fireball Roberts died and the letters were never mailed. RIP Glenn & Dave.

Richie's letter, along with his favorite good luck charm that he wanted Fireball to have.

Vicki's letter (With translation from Sherry)

Legendary "Father of the Corvette" Zora Arkus-Duntov considered Dave a good friend and even visited him at his home in California in
1962 to talk about the "Corvette Special" Dave had built. Below is Zora's donation to Richie & Vickie's college fund.

Nice letter from Zora's wife Elfi to Sherry Macdonald in 1996. Elfi talks about the strong feelings Zora had for Dave

Couple of checks Dave wrote to the legendary Glen Wood asd Banjo Mathews. Check to Glen was for a bastterry but can't figure why he
wrote such a large personal check to Banjo. March 24, 1964 was in between the 12 hrs of Sebring with Carroll Shelby and the Atlanta 500
with Bill Stroppe, so Dave could have met up with Glen and Banjo at either race.

Some of Dave MacDonald's Shelby American paychecks

Dave MacDonald was very recognizable in his famous Cobra helmet he wore with Shelby American.

Drivers today all have graphics painted on their helmets, but Dave MacDonald may have been the first.

Dave's son Rich puts on his father's Cobra helmet ... looks like a perfect fit!

This is Dave MacDonald's Corvette helmet. He wore it in every Corvette race & continually painted it to match the color of his current
Corvette. Paint chip layers show it had been white, blue, orange, & blue again - for the '63 Stingray - which was the last Corvette he ran.

Dave's genuine snakeskin Cobra wallet. As new today as it was in 1963. On the right is Dave's late '63 early '64 race schedule.

Dave's pit pass for the 1963 Dodger Stadium races - Dave ran Shelby Cobra CSX2026 to victory. This was the first race that the mighty
Cobras ran a 289ci engine. Top 8 finishers listed in results.


1969 Letter from Drag racing icon Big John Mazmanian to Sherry MacDonald.

Lap records for Riverside International Raceway

Dave MacDonald memorabilia

Letter Baylor University sent to Dave after he drove Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe to victory in the 1964 Daytona Continental 2000km.
Baylor had teamed with NASA to perform tests on select drivers racing in the 13 hour Daytona Continental. Dave was one of the drivers
selected to participate. Letter below is from Baylor Unniversary.

Another letter from Baylor Unniversity 29 years later.

Beautiful artwork by Bill Rankin

Two spectacular paintings of Dave MacDonald and his family by artist Jose Rodriquez

Beautiful King Cobra graphic courtesy of

Dave MacDonald and the Shelby King Cobra

Scott Teeters captures Dave in all his glory - powering through a turn in a full-fledged drift. "Master of Oversteer" indeed.

Stunning illustration by Scott Teeters again. Here he compares Dave's Custom one-of-a-kind Corvette Special to a stock Vette

Yet another from the amazing Scott Teeters! Dave's Corvette Special

Even more from the talented Scott Teeters. The "Dave MacDonald stamp collection.

Original window sticker for the car above - first ever 1963 Z06 Production Stingray. Zora flew Dave and wife Sherry out to the GM plant
in St Louis to personally receive this Stingray off the line. They drove the car back to LA and Dave debuted it at Riverside 2 wks later

Dave MacDonald and window sticker for 1963 z06 stingray

Letter from GM's Joe Pike - 1998 Corvette HOF inductee - regarding initial shakedown of the all-new 1963 Z06 Stingray. GM filmed
Dave MacDonald & Dick Thompson attacking the GM Proving Grounds road course and used the footage in their '63 sales campaign.

Dave MacDonald letter to Joe Pike

Dave's letter back to Joe Pike

Another letter from Joe Pike to Dave MacDonald. Joe expressing his frustration with Chevrolet pulling back from racing in '63 & '64

Letter from Jam Handy production company referencing compensation for "Biography of a Sports Car".

Another illustration of the Corvette Special - artist unknown.

Artwork for the Dave MacDonald #00 Stingray in Gran Turismo Legends video game

Artwork by Richard Meredith Browne from Avenue Art

Rendering of Dave MacDonald in his winning Cobra at Pomona Raceway 7/13/63. This is the official logo for the NHRA event cele-
brating the 50-yr anniversary of Carroll Shelby's Ford Cobra. The bash will be held at the Pomona Fairgrounds in April 2012

Program for the 1993 Mid Ohio Vintage Races in Lexington Kentucky., Dave MacDonald depicted in his trademark #00 Corvette

Illustration by Edwin Engills for The Wheel magazine cover in 1963

Los Angeles Times cartoon of the 1963 LA Times Grand Prix at Riverside. Interesting that the artist has Dave MacDonald, the race
winner, prominately positioned in the center. The cartoon was published prior to the race! Illustration by Pete Bentovoja

Illustration for Sports Car Graphic magazine cover in January 1964

Dave's paychecks for his big win in the 1964 12hrs of Sebring


Dave MacDonald's 1964 12hrs of Sebring drivers/pit pass. Dave co-drove with Bob Holbert to beat Ferrari for the GT class win.






Some of Dave MacDonald's NASCAR paychecks from Ford factory member Bill Stroppe Racing

Bill Stroppe sponsored racer Frank Smith in the 1962 Riverside 6hr Enduro. Dave MacDonald was asked to race prep the engine on
Frank's Alpha Romeo Giulietta Spyder - the check below is for those services. Dave was also asked to co-drive with Frank in the race
and the two drivers scored a G-Production class victory (don't have that check). The engine tunning clearly worked!

DAVE MACDONALD DR - Street dedication at the Diamond Lakes housing community being devoleped on portions of the old
Augusta International Raceway in Georgia. Dave MacDonald Drive is the main street that loops throughout the entire community.

Official document adding Dave MacDonald Drive to the Augusta-Richmond County road system

AIRPS honored Dave MacDonald for his successes at the old track. He competed in all three races held on the road course, finishing
2nd in the 1963 NASCAR Augusta 510 driving a Ford Galaxie, 1st in the 1964 US Road Racing Drivers' Championships driving a
Shelby King Cobra and 2nd in the 1964 US Road Racing Manufacturers' Championships in a Cobra Roadster.

Program for the 1964 Monterey Pacific Grand Prix.The '64 race was run after Dave was killed at Indy. Past winners of the Grand Prix
are pictured. Dave ('63) is on the bottom right, Roger Penske ('62) top and Stirling Moss ('61) is on the left side of the program.

Below is a 1972 LA Times GP program with photos & signitures of past winners. Dave's signature is above the #98 King Cobra.
Parnelli Jones is in King Cobra #94. Following Dave's death at Indy, Carroll hired Parnelli to race in the 64 LA Times GP...and he won.
Champions shown in order from 1957 to 1971 are: Carroll Shelby, Chuck Daigh, Phil Hill, Bill Krause, Jack Brabham, Roger Penske,
Dave MacDonald, Parnelli Jones, Hap Sharp, John Surtees, Bruce McLaren (twice) & Denny Hulme (3 times)

In a kind gesture, Ford Motor Co and Carroll Shelby decided to give the 1964 Thunderbird factory loaner to Dave's wife Sherry after
Dave's death at Indy. Picture of the car is in the family section under Dave's Personal Cars.

In addition to the 1964 Ford Thunderbird factory loaner above Dave and Sherry also had a 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible loaner
compliments of Mercury. The Merc was to replace Dave & Sherry's daily driver '63 split-window Z06 Stingray. Dave agreed to sell the
Ray once the Park Lane arrived. Carroll Shelby had for some time been after Dave to get rid of the Stingray and with Ford executives
stepping in to provide significant incentive, and a gentle nudge, Dave finally did.

Dave featured in a Bell Helmet ad after winning the 1963 LA Times Grand Prix

Dave MacDonald - Fastest Corvette in the West! 1958

Dave MacDonald - Fastest Corvette in the West

Photo that was used in the above article. Courtesy Daily News Post

Below: Sherry saved the original newspaper ad Don Steves placed to sell the famous 00 Corvette

Dave's paycheck for winning the 1963 LA Times Grand Prix - at the time it was the richest road race in America

Poster of Dave in the King Cobra

Above & Below are items from the Augusta 510 NASCAR race in 1963. Dave finished 2nd behind Fireball Roberts

Note to Dave from Wood Bros Racing chief Glen Wood regarding prize money for the NASCAR Golden State 400.

Dave's autographed Indy photo. From the collection of John Douglas, used with permission"

Below is a 1964 Indy 500 program signed by all 33 drivers

1964 Indy 500 memorabilia

The Thompson team was awarded $11,000 in prize money for the 1964 Indy 500 - $5,900 for driver Eddie Johnson and $5,100 for
Dave MacDonald. Dave's portion of $2,040 was given to Sherry by Mickey Thompson.

Letter from USAC's Henry Banks to Dave MacDonald's wife Sherry after the 1964 Indy 500

Letter from Mickey Thompson and Sherry MacDonald to JC Agajanian in 1964. Aggie graciously flew Mickey and a very distraught
Sherry MacDonald back to California on his chartered plane.