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17) Larry Hilton 
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Sunday, 3 October 2010 11:22 AM

My high school friend (Fred Martin cousin of Dave MacDonald) and I were working on a car and listening to the race on the radio when the accident happened. A little later Fred’s mother came out to tell us that Dave had died from his injuries. Not long after the race was over, Fred and I went to his parents restaurant and Mr. Martin showed a movie clip of the accident. It’s the same one that you see today on YOUTUBE. I did not know Dave MacDonald, but have never forgotten that day or the movie clip that Mr. Martin showed us.

I just finished reading the book "Mickey Thomspon". I never knew that Dave MacDonald was Mickey Thompson’s driver at the Indy race. It was quite a story and I am sharing the book with friends and family. When I hear the word Indy, I think of Dave MacDonald.

Thank you for sharing the information and pictures. -- Larry Hilton

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