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21) Phil Riehle 
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Friday, 10 December 2010 09:01 PM

As young men growing up in southern California, my best friend and I became huge Dave MacDonald race fans. To this day, nearly 50 years later, we still talk and reminisce often about Dave MacDonald and Riverside Raceway. Dave was the best, so cool, and had such a unique driving style. His 00 Corvettes were beautifully prepared and always driven all-out. One of my fondest memories is of Dave MacDonald in the Don Steves’ Corvette racing with Ken Miles in the Otto Zipper’ Ferrari Berlinetta Coupe at Riverside. Two great drivers and great race cars. And of course, that great racing carried over to the Cobras. Those were the best of times, and Dave was the heart of it.

I attended the closed circuit telecast of the 1964 Indy 500 at the LA Sports Arena, and like everyone, was heart-broken and devastated by the tragedy that day. To me, Dave was the greatest, and was just beginning what should have been a long and very successful racing career.

My thanks and appreciation to the MacDonald family for creating this fine tribute to Dave MacDonald. It helps keep our memories alive. I would also highly recommend the Michael Antonick book, "California Screamin’" which is dedicated to Dave’s memory.

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