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44) Allen Gasper 
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 11:24 AM

(44) I grew up to be a fan of the race cars of the 60’s, and no story would be complete without hearing the tales of Dave MacDonald, his great racing triumphs and the fantastic hurdles he overcame in such a small period of time. I built a tribute Cobra in honor of this racing herritage and numbered my car 97 after Dave MacDonald; the racer, the husband, the father, the man. It is obvious by the comments many have made he was a great man. The race win statistics speak for themself.

I was honored to be at the 50th Shelby Anniversary on April 21st with my 9 year old son. We both sat patiently during the panel discussion as Sherry MacDonald recited the details of numerous events with the greatest accuracy and passion as though the memories that carried her and her husband into the winners circle time and time again happened only yesterday. One can only imagine the love she has for racing and her husband. Words escape me, you would had to have been there. Unfortuantely Sherry departed promptly after the discussion before I can get an autograph.

I came upon this site a second time last night after an evening of restlessness and endless Googling about the period racing, the details and events are amazing. I was honored to see a picture of my 97 Cobra taken at the "Recent Events" from the 2012 Shelby Reunion, I guess it was fate that my way of honoring both the man, the racer and his family would somehow show up on a website detailing the racing of Dave MacDonald. What an honor. Thank you for the honor and the fantastic website, Dave undoubtedly is proud and I could only hope he would feel the same about my car, once he raced it of course...and won.

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